Saturday, 14 May 2011

Short Film Showcase Suitcase

I went along to The Short Film Showcase Suitcase the other night to snap some pictures.
Heres a few of my favourites...

it was basically a night of short film, animation and documentary from around the world.
 Each film featured in the event was carefully selected out of hundreds of great videos. 
The first event was on May 11th 2011 it was a great success with just over 100 people attending. 
They're in the process of setting a date for the next night which should be in July. (ill keep you posted)
Please follow them on twitter -!/TheFilmSuitcase 
and join the group on facebook -

Heres an advert showing the films that were featured in the event 

By far my favourite film was "Procrastination", it made me laugh so hard because i could actually relate to it.
it wasn't the best made film but it was definetly short, sweet and funny, i was ecstatic when i found a clip of it on youtube so u must watch for yourselves ...

This night inspired me to create my own lil short film, i kinda have an idea already....(but ill save that for another day)

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